When to Get a Tree Surgeon Out to Your Property

Without the right equipment, managing and removing trees on your own is not only difficult but dangerous as well. When you need your trees trimmed, meticulously pruned, or removed entirely, you are typically better off contacting your local tree surgeons to get the job done.

This is because there is a correct way to trim or remove a tree and tree surgeons not only understand the proper methods but are also able to execute these steps precisely with a variety of specialised tools. Tree surgeons always approach things carefully but in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, they are also fully insured. Tree surgeons carry out a variety of services and there are several situations that you might find yourself in where it’s important to get one out to your property.

You Need to Remove or Trim a Single Tree

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to remove or trim a tree. Overgrown trees are not only dangerous but may also get tangled with power lines or block your or somebody’s view of something. Other times, you might simply be tired of looking at a tree that’s in an inconvenient location.

Whatever the case, tree surgeons provide a personalised service but they will also provide their own input to ensure that your trees are risk-free and healthy.

You Need to Clear a Patch of Land

Tree surgeons in Perth are also able to remove multiple trees that are blocking an area of land that you intend to use for something else. Whether you are constructing a new building or putting in a garden, tree surgeons will cut the trees down and either remove the stumps or grind them until they are below soil level. With efficient processes, they will be able to clear small patches of land with speed so that you can move forward with your project.

Your Trees Are Creating Safety Concerns

Sometimes trees directly threaten the safety of you or your property. There are a variety of situations where this may happen, including:

  • Trees that are too large
  • Trees that are too close to a building
  • Trees weakened by termites or disease
  • Storm damage
  • Dead trees

Tree surgeons can also conduct risk assessments to give you some insight into the condition of your trees and how likely they might be to cause some damage in the future.

You Need Expert Advice Regarding the Care of the Trees

Tree surgeons are expert arborists and they can give you some excellent advice regarding the care or removal of your tree. In addition to providing risk assessments and safety checks, they can tell you when your trees are looking sick and when they need to be pruned. Well-managed trees actually last longer so if you are concerned about the life of your tree, don’t hesitate to contact your local tree surgeons to get some expert advice. They will help you keep your trees safe and healthy for as long as possible.

Author: Alfred Jonas

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