Prepare for Your New Carpet Installation

There comes a time during home ownership when you must update your floors. There are many great options for making your floors beautiful. Carpet is a popular option for families, especially for those with young children. High quality carpet feels great under your feet and creates a soft landing for little ones learning to walk. There are many details that go into preparing your home for new carpet. This includes removal of old flooring, proper measurements, and decisions on colour. Get ready for your flooring update by completing a few tasks ahead of time.

Choosing Your Carpet

There are many avenues you can take to find the right carpet. Some may prefer to visit a store in person to feel the different materials. Online stores, however, provide excellent details about their products and may save you money. In both scenarios, a representative comes to your home to help you prepare. When choosing your style, think about the daily activity of your home. Light colours do not work well when you have small children and pets. Spills and dirty feet make too many messes.

The new carpet tile trend is great for use in areas that only need to be partially covered. You can be creative with colour and change out tiles when messes happen. These can easily be placed over existing hard floors, as well. Tight woven carpets can be difficult to clean and are not as soft. If your family spends time playing on the floor, a loose weave with some thickness can be more comfortable.

The Space

The space that you need to cover must be prepared properly. A great way to save money is to hire a company that offers a quote free of charge. This entails a discussion and proper measurement of the area. You can then discuss the type of carpet that you prefer. A quote is then provided so that you can be financially prepared for the project. Many people choose to only carpet the bedrooms or redo one room at a time. You can also talk to a professional about the best options for different spaces. High traffic areas, for instance, may require something more durable than the bedrooms.

Clear it Out

Once you have decided on a source for your carpet in Auckland, you need to get the room cleared out for installation day. Move all of your furniture into other rooms in the house. You may need to seal off the room if old carpet removal is happening at the same time, as dust can easily infiltrate the rest of the home. Some companies remove the old flooring, while others expect the room to be prepared. You may be able to save some money by preparing it yourself.

New carpet can add a fresh look to your home. Old flooring can make an entire home appear older. Take care to choose a material and colour that complements your décor and lifestyle. Bedrooms may do well with a lighter colour or more delicate material, while the living room may need to be more durable. Prepare for this activity by getting an accurate quote prior to deciding. Finally, prepare your home for the exciting installation day by moving furniture and closing off the area.

Author: Alfred Jonas

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