Packing Up for a Remodel the Smart Way

When you are getting ready to take on a significant home remodel project, sometimes getting the house ready for the remodel can become as big of a project as the remodel itself. Packing up your things and compartmentalizing your life is a challenging task for anybody, especially a homeowner who has been in their residence long enough to have finally undertaken a home remodel. If you want to make it easy on yourself, you need to have things properly labeled so that when you are storing stuff for a long amount of time and need an item in a pinch, you can easily figure out which box has what item.

To label things properly, get yourself a few business card-sized labels printed. About three per box should do the trick – that way when you are storing it you have a few options of ways you could put the box away so that the label still faces outward. You might be tempted to write on the side of the box, but that is only going to leave you confused over the years. Who knows which label is the current one? With several different penned on marker labels, you might know which label is the proper one.

Take advantage of the services offered by Vistaprint and you will never have to doubt about what box contains what items. With Vistaprint, you can simply print out the labels that fit each box, tape them on, and you are good to go. The best part is that Vistaprint is offering several deals right now that will save you money. From 50% off business cards to 33% off site wide, you can definitely save money using Vistaprint’s deals through Groupon.

When you start packing up to prepare for a remodel, you want to do it in a way that will make it easy to find your items, both during the remodel and afterward when it comes time to unpack and re-settle into your new home. With a few labels printed from Vistaprint, you will find that you are well-organized for your remodel.

Author: Alfred Jonas

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