How to Avoid Having a Chilly Home

The last thing that anyone needs when they are in their own home is to feel cold, the idea of your home is to provide you with comfort and shelter and if you are waking up or going to bed in a home that is cold then it is time that you took action. There are so many ways in which you can heat up your home regardless of whether you are living in a modern house or an aging apartment. When the cold weather hits it is important that you have a warm and cosy home to relax in and here are just some ways in which you can lift the temperature at home.

Straight to the Source

The first place that you need to check is your home furnace, this is the source of the heat in your home and you must ensure that it is fully operational and without problems. Some simple annual furnace maintenance will ensure that your furnace is firing on all cylinders and doing its job in keeping your home warm. Furnaces do not last for ever and they should be replaced every 15-20 years, if you have an aging furnace then you should act quickly in having it checked over, repaired or replaced.

Stop The Outside Getting In

One of the key reasons why most homes are cold is that they are not properly insulated which allows the cold air to seep in and the warm air to leave. If you are in a home that feels cold then you need to get all of your windows checked to see if they are sealed properly and you should also review how insulated your exterior doors are and take action if these areas of your home are allowing air to come in. Loft hatches and ceiling fans should also be reviewed for insulation to ensure that your home is keeping all of the heat inside the house.

Programable Thermostat

A thermostat can really help you to manage the heat in the home and it will also help you to be more energy efficient and avoiding heating the house when it is not necessary. A programmable thermostat allows you to set the times for when you want the heating to come on and you can also use it to set the temperature at varying times.

Use Natural Heat

The sun provides us with a natural source of heat and we would be foolish not to use it in the house. Even on cold days the sun still provides heat and opening up the curtains to let the sun shine will give particular rooms in the house lots of heat. Keeping curtains closed does act well as a draught excluder but you should only be looking to do this at night, during the day you should get the curtains open and let the sun shine through the windows to provide some of that all important heat.

Author: Alfred Jonas

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