Deciding Between Hedging Plants With The Right Perspective

Gardening is a pleasure for many, and if you are fortunate to have a complete garden or a big property, landscaping is something that should be utilized in the best way possible. While you can always add the plants and trees you like, hedging plants make for an obvious choice for most homes. Hedges can be flexible enough to be used for a number of purposes, and there are endless varieties that one can choose from. So, what should you know to use the right hedge plant(s) for your property? Here are some tips to get started.

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Decide your needs

Do you need to add a fence around the property? Are you scared of critters and criminals in the area? Is there a need to beautify the garden? All these purposes can be solved with hedges. For the needs of simple fencing, evergreen hedges like leylandii and laurel are the best options, while for security, you need to find thorny varieties. As for decoration and ornamental needs, you can decide between flowering, potted and other kinds of non-flowering shrubs.

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Planting hedges

Every hedge plant is different and can have its own needs. For example, evergreen plants can grow thick and tall, which is why they are planted at least a couple of feet apart from each other, so that the growth is good and the sunlight reaches the lower part of the plant. Also, there are specific times of the year when you can plant certain plants, which must be considered. You can check with to find the best hedges for your garden. It is wise to consider the weather and soil type, which can have an impact on the growth of the plant.

Planting hedges

Hedges can be shaped in any way desired with focus on style and aesthetics. Choose wisely!

Author: Alfred Jonas

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