Common Diesel Truck Problems

Diesel trucks are still commonly seen on the roads. Many logistics companies still use diesel trucks, while several automobile manufacturers also offer their popular models in diesel engine variants. Even though diesel is widely regarded as quite detrimental for the environment, the reason it’s so popular is that diesel fuel is more efficient and allows for greater torque production. However, trucks that are powered by diesel engines are prone to several problems. Diesel engines require a considerable amount of maintenance from time to time, so you can say that they come with their fair share of problems. Here are a few common problems that may arise in a truck that’s powered by a diesel engine.

Oil Oxidation

If your diesel truck hasn’t been driven in a long while, there’s a risk that the oil inside might oxidise. Oxidation might occur if you operate your truck infrequently or if it has been parked in storage for a long while. In simple terms, the air might get into the oil, thus leading to the creation of bubbles. This can affect proper lubrication and can eventually damage your engine. If your truck sputters from time to time, you might want to check the condition of the oil. If you notice bubbles in the engine oil, you might want to take the truck to heavy diesel mechanics. If you continue driving the vehicle with an oxidised engine, it could eventually cause the engine to cease working.

Black Exhaust Smoke

A common fact that most people know about diesel vehicles is that they generally release more smoke as compared to a traditional vehicle. They also release a weird stink that makes it very difficult to breathe properly. However, if you notice black exhaust smoke coming from the rear, you should consider taking it to a mechanic. You might receive a hefty fine if you are on the road and are caught with excessive emissions.

Difficulty in Starting

Many times, diesel engines have a hard time starting up. If you are experiencing a delayed start every time you turn on the ignition, you might want to get it checked. In most cases, a delayed start is usually caused by a fuel delivery issue. Or, if there’s low compression, the car may not start up on time. While this is normal in most diesel engine powered vehicles, it’s still recommended that you get it checked. You have to get the car checked as soon as possible to confirm whether there’s any serious issue or not.

Slow Performance

If you feel that the engine is not generating enough power, you might want to take it to a mechanic, as well. A lack of power might be due to a number of reasons. For instance, if the throttle linkage is loose or if the fuel filters are dirty, it may lead to reduced power performance. Similarly, if there’s excessive lubrication, the performance of your vehicle will be impaired considerably. These are a few problems that you might experience in a diesel truck.

Author: Alfred Jonas

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