8 Benefits of Using Window Air Conditioner

There is always confusion when one decides to buy an air conditioner. It is often difficult to decide whether to go for split AC or regular window AC. Many thoughts and doubts pop up in one’s mind regarding the choice. We make your research one step easier by bringing eight benefits of using window Ac.

  1. Low Price:

This AC is relatively lower in price than split ACs. They don’t cost you much, and hence it becomes easier for you to decide and go for buying this AC.

  1. High Energy Efficiency:

The Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) of Window AC is relatively more than split AC. One must always check the EER provided by the ACs, and you will be delighted to know that no other AC matches and has the energy efficiency than this AC. They are strong enough and built in such a way to use less energy.

  1. Easy setting of Temperature:

The most advantageous thing one must note down about this AC is that it very easily exchanges the hot air of the room with cool air. It has components which takes away all the warm air from the room and pushes it outside through it and condenses the cold air within the room, in minutes.

  1. Suitable For Smaller Rooms:

These ACs should be the first choice of the house rooms, office rooms, small labs and any smaller space. This is because this AC comes in 1 or 2 tons and that is efficient to cool and lower the temperature of smaller areas. So, it is most recommended to install such ACs in the room.

  1. Individual Cooling:

Individual cooling means to cool a particular room at a time when it is being used rather than using centralized AC and cooling all the rooms when not needed. This kind of AC is relatively very beneficial to use at a place where needed at the specific time.

  1. Easy Water Draining:

The water draining in this kind of AC is very simple and not at all a mess. The units within AC drain the water to the outer area and it creates no problem, and no intervention is caused.

  1. Dual Function:

Since the technology has progressed so much, there are dual functional AC’s in the market under this category of AC. Dual function means the ACs which provide cooling effect in the summers and heating effect in the winters. This is something where one’s money is invested in a really intelligent way.

  1. Less Space:

Window AC takes lesser space when compared to any other kind of ACs. They can be very easily fitted and installed in a small place in the room whether in the windows or in a small space on the wall. They don’t take much space and do not create havoc if it is installed by professionals.

Author: Alfred Jonas

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